Superbug NDM-1 Drug-resistant


Understanding Superbug NDM-1 is a bacteria that can make an enzyme called NDM-1. It belongs to the Superbug NDM-1 resistant to antibiotics because including carbapenems, a drug that is used for emergency purposes and overcome a variety of infections caused by resistant germs, such as methicillin-resistant Staphyloccus aureus (MRSA) and C-difficile. Many people want to know how to super-infection and the spread of bacteria NDM-1, treatment and management of infections caused by bacteria-one super NDM. NDM-1 gene is found in bacteria. who used to live in the digestive tract, such as E-coli, which originates from a different family from MRSA. "This gene can easily cross over to the other bacteria in the digestive tract," said Dr. Nizet. The bacteria are carried by NHS patients who previously flew out of the country such as India and Pakistan to perform cosmetic surgery. Current bacterial infections have spread from one patient to another hospital in the UK. The spread of Superbug NDM-1 exist in some countries like UK, U.S., Australia, Sweden, and Canada, one of which is triggered by the practice of plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery. Transmission of these bacteria cause infection of the urinary tract and those who would threaten his body was weakened condition post-surgery, or those who are still infants or elderly.  
According to reports there are 44 patients with NDM-1 positive bacteria in Chennai hospital, 26 patients in the hospital Haryana, 37 in England, and another 73 in the territory of Bangladesh, India, and Pakistan. Some British people are positively affected by NDM-one had ever visited India or Pakistan for medical treatment, including plastic surgery.



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