Latest Koprol application, features, and review


Everyone ask what the meaning koprol application? These detail information about koprol article. Koprol review, koprol application and koprol features. Koprol has developed two applications by offering a new service feature, namely the Curator and Java. Curator and Java are two major features of the service applications that will be expected to increase the number of Koprol users. The curator is a sort of service where there will be a window that contains the places which usually is a public venue, where we can add a new location that does not exist in the list. Every place there ownership, can see who will verify the location. If no verify about the place of the other curators, the place is not valid. other than the curator, who added the Koprol application is an application java. Previously existing application for blackberries, but added that java applications can be accessed by all devices. (source:



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