Intimate treatment (V-Spa) -spa vagina stimulate passion sexuality

Currently was intimate treatment (V-Spa) that was busy was offered by several spa or the beauty clinic that was spread in cities in Indonesia. V-Spa had three choices, that is hundred, intimate care, and hundred Javanese experience.Intimate care or intimacy care was carried out by means of evaporation. Another with RSE that was the comprehensive cleaning, outside and inside.As long as adolescents or that has married carried out the maintenance intimacy care. This maintenance used the main material from spices that also could be done personally in the house. Intimacy care not only menimalize the whitish problem, but also benefit encouraged relations of the husband and wife's couple to seethed. Just appropriate, if many candidates bridal that did treatment this before underwent the happy day.
stimulate passion sexuality

TheraCIM (Nimotuzumab) therapy the newest cancer medical treatment

Newest cancer medical treatment namely therapy TheraCIM (Nimotuzumab) for the sufferer cancer. TheraCIM (Nimotuzumab) therapy including the group of target therapy. "Meaning that, this therapy made antigens of the cancer growth as the target, an antibody monoclonal (the receptor epidermal growth factor (EGFR = Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor)." EFGR this was the door to the splitting to the cancer cell.This EGFR existence in the network of the body of the cancer patient in the excessive number became the marker that the patient's cancer became faster worsened. Generally, giving of chemotherapy medicine and radiotherapy were often ineffective so as the age of the life expectancy of the patient to more short. Therapy this target used medicine that injection in the patient's body. The discovery of target therapy against EGFR this opened the opportunity more the success of cancer therapy was accompanied by the increase in hope and the quality of the life of the patient.

Office furniture modern and simple concept

Modern Office furniture is trend in 2009. Modern and simple office modern is elegant and multifunction furniture to work. Like office table and chair office furniture have to support when we work. Easy and simple is typical of modern office furniture. You can try modern office furniture at your office or home office.

Cafe interior design - modern minimalist cafe

Cafe is the place to relaxes we can rest, drink coffee or cocktail. Interior design cafe is one of supporting to make interest cafe visitor. In this picture we can see modern minimalist cafe with simple and comfortable.

Pengumuman Hasil Test CPNS 2008/2009

Pengumuman Hasil Test CPNS 2008/2009 sangat di tunggu tunggu para peserta tes cpns. Banyak departement yang sebelumnya mengadakan tes cpns telang mengumumkan hasil test CPNS. Pengumuman Department yang telang mengumumkan peserta yang lulus test CPNS diantaranya:
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS depkofinfo
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Depsos
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS dephum dan ham
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Deplu
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Depkes
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Depdagri
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Depag
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS KPU
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS Deptan
Pengumuman hasil test CPNS BKKBN
selain departemen yang telah mengumumkan hasil test CPNS tahun 2008/2009 di daerah seperti pemda maupun pemprov joga telah mengumumkan para peserta yang lolos test CPNS, contohnya di Jogjakarta pengumuman hasil test CPNS dilaksanakan serentak pada tanggal 17 desember 2008 selang 10 hari setelah pelaksanaan tes cpns yang dilaksanakan tanggal 7 Desember 2008.
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2010 Volvo S60 wallpaper-launch in Detroit Auto Show

2010 Volvo S60 is one of the best sedan. The perfect performance decorate 2010 Volvo S60. luxurious interior make comfortable and elegant 2010 Volvo S60. many Volvo mania wait and looking for 2010 Volvo S60 wallpaper. if we look the 2010 Volvo S60 can give me inspiration. Interior 2010 Volvo S60 is one of the best interior car design. 2010 Volvo S60 have complete and perfect specification.

Vagina treatment - modern and traditional vagina treatment

Vagina-treatment - modern-and-traditional-vagina-treatment
Many ways to treat vagina, modern vagina treatment like laser vagina rejuvenation (LVR) and traditional vagina treatment like SPA vagina (V-Spa). In this article will talk about simple vagina treatment. The method of treatment vagina area was to wash vagina with clean water. One matter that must be paid attention to in washing the area of our femininity, especially after defecating that is by washing vagina from the side of front behind (from the vagina to the side of the anus), not was the reverse. Why was like this? Because if we were overturn the direction washed him, then germs will from the area of the anus be carried in the future and could enter the vagina. If we cleaned the vagina with soap and the like, better only part of just outside. For example for the woman that already making love with her husband, after having the husband and wife making love , we might use the vagina cleaner, that is to return the acidity of the vagina, because the characteristics of male sperm were the alkali.

2010 new Toyota Prius wallpaper : The third generation Toyota Prius

2010 new Toyota Prius the third generation that will be launch the first time in Detroit Motor Show 2009. The wonderful car with evolutisioner, have unique feature make the selling point o the 2010 new Toyota Prius . 2010 new Toyota Prius the only one real hybrid car. 2010 new Toyota Prius the third generation more save energy, more big, more large depend on the last Prius. 2010 new Toyota Prius use battery Nickel Metal Hydride Battery Lithium Iion more modern. The new generation 2010 new Toyota Prius more comfortable, futuristic and sporty. The elegant and modern interior complete this luxurious car.

Nabila Kulla Azmina si anak cerdas

Allhamdullilah kami ucapkan syukur pada ALLOH yang telah memberi anak yang cantik dan cerdas. bayi cantik ini kami beri nama Nabila Kulla Azmina artinya "Cerdas Setiap Saat" semoga ALLOH selalu menjaga dan melindungi putri kami, semoga menjadi anak sholihah, selalu berbakti kepada orang tua selalu menyenangkan , membahagiakan dan membanggakan orang tua. Selalu mempunyai ahklaul kharimah, selalu berbudi luhur dan cerdas sesuai namanya. AMIN 3X"

New Toyota Fortuner specification

Spesifikasi (specification) New Toyota fortuner
1. Desain muka New Toyota Fortuner dengan new grill dan bumper depan,
2. Mesin New Toyota Fortuner 2.695 cc 4 silinder VVT-I
3. New Toyota Fortuner Tenaga 160 hp pada putaran 5.200 rpm
4. Torsi maksimum New Toyota Fortuner 241 Nm pada 3.800 rpm
5. Suspensi New Toyota fortuner panjang 4.695 mm,
6. Lebar New Toyota Fortuner 1.840 mm, serta tinggi 1.850 mm
7. New Toyota fortuner punya double wishbone dan pegas koil
8. New Toyota Fortuner dilengkapi 4 link lateral rod di belakang, stabilizer di depan
9. Fasilitas New Toyota fortuner tv 2 Din 7 inchi,

Lingerie still the most popular sexy woman fashion 2009


Many designers fashion predicted the new trend sexy woman fashion in 2009 still lingerie. Lingerie is one of the sexy woman fashion that liked many woman in the world. Every woman that wear lingerie look like beautiful and sexy. Many style and color lingerie such as romantic lingerie, sexy lingerie, night lingerie, bridal lingerie, hot lingerie and many more. So lingerie will be new trend sexy woman fashion 2009 and will be the most popular sexy woman fashion in 2009.

New Feature designer collections and fashion design talents wiil meet in Hongkong Fashion weekend.

Hong-Kong-Fashion-Week-for-Spring/Summer 6-9-July-2009
The international fashion show Hong Kong Fashion Week 2009 (HFW) will be held in Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre at 6 - 9 July 2009 (Monday - Thursday). In Hong Kong Fashion Week we will find New mode and style fashion. Many kind of clothing, fashion & clothing accessories can be fin in this fashion event 2009. In Hong Kong fashion Week many designers fashion promote their product fashion like beachwear and swimwear. Many fashion event will be held in Hong Kong Fashion Week 2009 like Fashion shows and seminars, International Fashion Designers meeting, and Fashion Gallery.

New trend fashion mode : Fashion Exploration 2009

Fashion exploration 2009 is the great fashion show. Many fashion designer participate in this big fashion expo. Designers meet to change experience about fashion mode 2009. New trend fashion will be find in this event. Fashion exploration give challenge for fashion design to create new trend fashion and new style fashion that will booming in 2009.

Christmas accessories - Cristal Candlelight holder

special-gift-Christmas-accessories - Cristal-Candlelight-holder
Christmas-accessories - Cristal-Candlelight-holder
Cristal Candlelight holder as Christmas accessories make beauty room interior. Cristal candlelight we can use to special gift to celebrate Christmas. We could put the Cristal Candlelight to make our room interior look like comfortable and give theme Christmas. beside Cristal candlelight we could added red candle or Christmas trees as the element decorative Christmas

New trend interior living room with modern minimalist concept

New-trend-interior-living-room-with-modern-minimalist concept
New trend interior living room with modern minimalist concept we can find in 2009. Look this picture modern minimalist living room with cream color combination with white sofa and parquet floor.

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