Perempuan berkalung sorban: Film terbaru Hanung Bramantyo

Perempuan berkalung sorban adalah Film terbaru Hanung Bramantyo. Film ini di prediksi akan meledak seperti film ayat ayat cinta. Pemeran film Perempuan berkalung sorban adalah Revalina S. Temat, Joshua Pandelaki, Widyawati, Oka Antara, Reza Rahadian, Ida Leman. Film Perempuan berkalung sorban bercerita tentang pengorbanan seorang perempuan, Seorang anak kyai Salafiah sekaligus seorang ibu dan isteri. Anissa (Revalina S Temat), seorang perempuan dengan pendirian kuat, cantik dan cerdas. Anissa hidup dalam lingkungan keluarga kyai di pesantren Salafiah putri Al Huda, Jawa Timur yang konservatif. Baginya ilmu sejati dan benar hanyalah Qur’an, Hadist dan Sunnah. Buku modern dianggap menyimpang. Film ini juga di bumbui drama percintaan yang mengharu biru. lebih lengkapnaya saksikan film Perempuan berkalung sorban dibioskop kesayangan anda mulai 15 januari. Saking bagusnya banyak orang mencari free download film Perempuan berkalung sorban, e book Perempuan berkalung sorban, dan novel Perempuan berkalung sorban.
Pemain Film Perempuan berkalung sorban:
Revalina S. Temat
Joshua Pandelaki
Oka Antara
Reza Rahadian
Ida Leman
Sutradara Film Perempuan berkalung sorban:
Hanung Bramantyo
Penulis Film Perempuan berkalung sorban :
Hanung Bramantyo
Ginatri S. Noor

Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) and Sexual lifestyle


One of the matters that began consults at this time was rejuvenation of the connected vagina direct with the sexual life for the husband and wife's couple. Concerning rejuvenation of the Community at this time still in the introductory stage. Multicultural available caused the change in the culture so as the community at this time tended not again very embarrassed. The public's community indeed often did not yet know rejuvenation with sophisticated technology the laser or the Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR). Although Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) knowledge that was studied by Ova in The Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of Los Angeles has been introduced by her since 2004, until this of most patients came from the city, Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) promoting as one of the efforts to overcome the sexual disturbance that emerged because of the change in the form of anatomy of the sex organ in the woman resulting from the age factor and the process gave birth normally. The disturbance, in part weakened its the vagina muscle and the enlargement of the diameter of the vagina. Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) was the minor operation that was carried out to improve the form of re-vagina anatomy like in the situation before giving birth. With laser technology that replaced the function of the knife, the operation that was carried out could reduce the bleeding and the risk of the infection. LVR personally covered various medical actions, like the Reduction Labioplasty Laser (LRL) to form labia, the Perineoplasty Laser to return perineum that was loose because of the age, and Hymennoplasty to improve the hymen. Source from

Obama's new program and agenda as the new president

The amazing inauguration from the new president Barack Obama. As the new president he has the hard work and new program to make peace in the world. Barack Obama calls traditional American virtues of hard work, fair play, tolerance and sacrifice for the common good. Many people in the world wish him to make the big change. Such as violence in Gaza and create peace in middle east, create peace in irak and Afghanistan. Barack Obama has requested the suspension of all military tribunals at Guantanamo Bay, in his first major act as US president. The economy have to be topmost on Barack Obama's agenda. This is is not easy job so Obama have to the real program to reach it. Good Luck Obama we from Indonesian step behind you to make big change especially in Gaza. Don't be afraid with Israel.

Informasi Pemilu 2009 terkini

Informasi pemilu 2009 yang perlu diperhatikan masyarakat diantaranya:
1. Nama Partai peserta pemilu 2009 yang di ikuti oleh 38 partai.
2. Dana kampanye partai peserta pemilu 2009 harus dilaporkan dan transparan.
3. Sistem pemungutan suara adalah dengan mencentang gambar bukan mencoblos tanda gambar.
4. Pengawasan pemilu oleh Bawaslu
5. Sistem penghitungan suara pemilu 2009
6. Hasil penghitungan suara pemilu 2009
7. Undang undang pemilu 2009
8. Peraturan bagi partai peserat pemilu 2009
9. Jumlah golput
10. Prediksi partai pemenang pemilu 2009

Ovaries cancer risk attack Woman Obesity ?

Women must maintain the weight because they who had the excessive weight had the risk was attacked by ovaries cancer (the ovaries) higher compared with the woman who did not experience obesity (obesity). Ovaries cancer was the cause of the most death from all the kinds of gynecology cancer. This cancer kind was difficult to be treated earlier because in the early stage usually emerged almost without the sign. Nevertheless had several signs that must be suspected as ovaries cancer. In the beginning stage, the sign that emerged take the form of menstruation. But was different from cervix cancer that could be detected with the pop method smear, then did not yet have the method of detecting ovaries cancer.
That not yet clear why obesity had the contribution towards ovaries cancer, but possibly that was linked with the effect of body fat that was abundant against the level of oestrogen in the body of a woman, Leitzmann words and his partners. Obesity was influential in body endurance. They who experienced obesity, his cancer cell could emerge again after carrying out medical treatment and being risky in the death. To know ovaries cancer, The American Cancer Society announced results consensus the cancer experts about the sign of ovaries cancer. This sign including swellings on the body, the feeling was sick in the stomach part, lose appetite, often urinated and pain during making love.

Film terbaru; Film Pintu terlarang dan Red Cliff II movie


Film terbaru yang akan di putar di Bioskop bioskop dan akan diperkirakan menjadi the most popular movie and the top box ofice movie the years adalah film Pintu terlarang dan "Red Cliff II movie dari china.
Film pintu terlarang adalah film yang menceritakan tentang misi penyelamatan terhadap kekerasan terhadap anak. Bintang film pintu terlarang adalah fachri ahmad dan marsya thimoty. Film pintu terlarang ini di penuhi adegan yang menegangkan dan membuat penontos makinpenasaran. Film terbaru lagi adalah film mandarin yang berjudul Red Cliff II. Film REd cLiff II menceritakan tentang peperangan tiga kerajaan. Film garapan sutradara Jhon Woo, REd Cliff II movie sangat menarik karena film action yang dilengkapi effec yang bagus dan menakjupkan. Mulai sekarang banyak orang yang mencari free download film pintu terlarang dan free download Red cliff II movie

2010 Mercedes Benz wallpaper-The futuristic car design

2010 Mercedes Benz is one of futuristic car with modern facilities. With very comfortable interior and futuristic exterior make 2010 Mercedes Benz be the super class car. 2010 Mercedes Benz suitable for celebrity, so its called celebrity car. 2010 Mercedes Benz is the new race car.This the unique race car without the windscreen and without roof.Di gave the SLR Stirling Moss name, and will be produced after the SLR Roadster production complete was made. As the replacement of the windscreen, was installed deflector twins to reflect the wind that the height only several centimeter then. The trachea behind the seat also played a role as roll the replacement bar. With Machine V8 supercharged produced 650hp. With body that was light, speedster this could gain the figure 0-60mph in 3,5 seconds and in a great manner speed 347.2km/jam. Its interior the combination of aluminum, carbon fiber and skin. Deferent with The new Mercedes Benz E class concern as the luxurious car and the first time launching at Detroit Auto Show.

Exclusive video live Israel attack on Gaza

Exclusive the video live Israel attack ounce Gaza really in searched by the world community. They really cared about the people's suffering Palestine especially in Gaza. The Israeli nation was the nation that Condemned, through video could be seen by us the people's Palestinian suffering in Gaza, many of the child's children who were not sinful were cruelty casualties of the Israeli troops. Many houses and the building were destroyed, means school was destroyed in the bomb by Israel. The place of religious duties also in destroyed by Israel. Moreover the truck from the Union of the nation also in the bomb by Israel. The place of religious duties also in destroyed by Israel. Moreover the truck help from the Union of the nation also in the bomb by Israel. Many wives lost the husband and many children lost parents as well as parents lost the child. Protested and demonstration flowed from all over the world criticized the cruelty and Condemned Israel and his ally America. The UN as last hope was not powerful towards the America domination. the nation of all the world condemned the Israeli attack to Gaza. It is hoped the Israeli nation in destroyed from in front of the earth especially the Israeli leaders it is hoped felt the suffering like that was felt by the Palestinian people. When we saw the presentation live the Israeli attack video to Gaza already during him all the nation in the united world destroyed Condemned Israel and lose from in front of the earth. Condemned the Israeli nation.

Exclusive video penyerangan Israel ke Gaza

Exclusive video live Israel attack on gaza sangat di cari oleh masyarakat dunia. Mereka sangat peduli dengan penderitaan rakyat palestian terutama di gaza. Bangsa Israel adalah bangsa yang biadap, melalui vedio dapat kita lihat penderitaan rakyat palestina di gaza , banyak anak anak yang tidak berdosa jadi korban kekejaman tentara Israel. Banyak rumah dan gedung hancur, sarana pedidikan hancur di bom oleh Israel. Tempat ibadah juga di hancurkan oleh Israel. Bahkan truk pengankut bantuan dari Perserikatan bangsa bangsa juga di bom oleh Israel. Banyak istri kehilangan suami dan banyak anak kehilangan orang tua serta orang tua kehilangan anak. Protes dan demontrasi mengalir dari seluruh dunia mengecam kekejaman dan kebiadapan Israel dan sekutunya America. PBB sebagai harapan terakhir tidak berdaya terhadap dominasi America . bangsa seluruh dunia mengutuk penyerangan Israel ke gaza. Semoga bangsa Israel di lumatkan dari muka bumi terutama para pemimpin Israel semoga merasakan penderitaan seperti yang dirasakan rakyat palestina. Bila kita melihat tayangan live video penyerangan Israel ke gaza sudah saatnya seluruh bangsa di dunia bersatu menghancurkan kebiadapan Israel dan menghilangkan dari muka bumi. Terkutuklah bangsa Israel.

2009 new trend bridal gown - mini fashion bridal concept

The bridal fashion forever did not appear conventional. It was proven, the mini model then became alternative to the bridal gown 2009. Bridal couple now did not wanted busy put on the long gown. They then wanted to move free to welcome the invitation guest. The designer saw that as the opportunity of introducing the other model that more chic. The mini model apparently most was aimed at by the bridal candidate. Only fashion model did not appear the way it is, but more impressive. Modern gown bridal that emerged from the material processing of the material that was used. This time was realized by me in the form of the piled-up fashion. The mini bridal gown with trend fashion 2009. The model like this was still rare was popularized by the designer that be involved the mini bridal fashion. To bustier him still continued to embrace the body. This was useful to expose beauty of the body from the bridal candidate. There was the new touch to the bridal gown, but once more was white also still became the color favorite. The bridal candidate still believed white was the sacred color to hold wedding.

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