Swine flu: Impact, causes, symptoms, prevention, treatment and ways of transmission of swine flu

Currently, swine flu into a frightening specter of human, avian influence after the death of swine flu is also a disease of death, even United State president Barrack Obama respond very serious swine flu. Impact resulting from this disease of swine flu among many:
1.Reduce sales pork
2. Breeder pigs and fitful start
3. Restaurant start cooking pork threatened
4. Cause unrest in the community .
The government must respond in a serious virus pigs this flu, I should get immediate attention and not up by the government and must immediately inform the public on the issue or the case of swine flu are:
1. Illustrate the swine flu symptoms
2. The cause of the disease of swine flu
3. Sign a sign of disease of swine flu
4. Action anticipation or prevention of swine flu virus
5. How treatment of swine flu
6. Ways of transmission of swine flu virus
7. Swine flu isolation room
8. Prophylactic flu virus baby
9. Endemic virus swine flu
10. Map the spread of swine flu
11. Budget’s swine flu
12. Steps to prevent spread of swine flu
13. Swine flu medicine
Society must immediately get the information above in order not to cause panic and unrest, especially the step to prevent spread of swine flu.
This the simple step to prevent the spread of swine flu are:
The first should be done is to maintain hand hygiene. With hand washing for 20 seconds after you travel, the powerful hold of fact the spread of the virus can enter through a contamination by the virus. Avoid contact with people who are not healthy, so you will be able to prevent virus infection or infection others.
recognize the symptoms of the disease and immediate treatment if you find signs of the disease have a swine flu. Swine flu has symptoms similar to flu in general, such as fever, body pain, cough, vomiting and defecation. Hopefully the government's immediate response to the case of swine flu.

Flu babi: Gejala, cara penularan, pencegahan dan pengobatan flu Babi

Saat ini flu babi menjadi hantu yang menakutkan bagi manusia, setelah flu burung yang mematikan flu babi juga merupakan penyakit yang mematikan, bahkan Negara America dan president barrac obama sangat serius menanggapi firus flu babi. Dampak akibat dari penyakit flu babi ini banyak sekali diantaranya:
1. mengurangi penjualan penjualan daging babi
2. Peternak babi mulai kawatir dan resah
3. Reataurant masakan babi mulai terancam
4. Menimbulkan keresahan di masyarakat
Pemerintah harus serius dalam menanggapi firus flu babi ini, menurut saya yang harus mendapat perhatian dan segera di tidak lanjuti oleh pemerintah dan harus segera di informasikan kepada masyarakat dari isu atau kasus flu babi adalah:
1. Pejelasan mengenai gejala flu babi
2. Penyebab penyakit flu babi
3. Tanda tanda penyakit flu babi
4. Tindakan antisipasi atau pencegahan virus flu babi
5. Cara pengobatan penyakit flu babi
6. Cara penularan virus flu babi
7. Ruang isolasi flu babi
8. Penangkal firus flu baby
9. Endemi firus flu babi
10. Peta penyebaran flu babi
11. Dana penanggulangan flu babi
12. Langkah mencegah penularan flu babi
Masyarakat harus segera mendapat informasi tersebut diatas agar tidak menimbulkan keresahan dan kepanikan terutama masalah langkah mencegah penularan flu babi.
Adapun langkah sederhana yang bisa dilakukan untuk mencegah penularan flu babi adalah:
Yang pertama harus dilakukan adalah menjaga kebersihan tangan. Yaitu dengan mencuci tangan selama 20 detik setelah anda bepergian, nyatanya memang ampuh menahan penyebaran virus yang bisa masuk melalui tangan yang terkontaminasi oleh virus.
Menghindari kontak dengan dengan orang-orang yang sedang tidak sehat sehingga akan dapat mencegah Anda terinfeksi virus ataupun menginfeksi orang lain.
mengenali gejala penyakitnya dan segera berobat seandainya Anda menemukan tanda-tanda mengidap penyakit flu babi. Flu babi memiliki gejala mirip dengan flu pada umumnya seperti demam, sakit badan, sakit tengggorokan, batuk, berak bahkan muntah. Semoga pemerintah segera tanggap terhadap kasus flu babi ini.

New Cancer serviks medicine and tratment

Cancer is most commonly found among gynecology diseases. In the world, every 2 minutes a woman dies because of this cancer. The biggest enemy of a woman's mouth cancer is the womb. The mouth of womb cancer is cancer found in the uterus serviks, the organ which is the production of women's entrance to the womb, is located in the uterus with the vagina between the vagina. According to the latest research, one of the causes of womb cancer mouth virus is HPV (Human Papilloma Virus). Virus infecting women if spouses have a virus. Women smokers are also prone to mouth cancer womb because nicotine affects membrane lenders. Keputihan a long time, even removing the smell, and the occurrence of bleeding during the sexual relationship is one of the symptoms of mouth cancer womb. In the early stages, oral cancer is detected womb difficult. Displasia at the stadium until 1, practically there is no complaint. Complaint appears in the new stadium 2 and 3. On 4 stages, cancer cells may be spreading to the brain, lungs, and some other organs. Almost 90 percent of mouth cancer in the womb, there is epitel the surface, where the condition is found which is called the mouth of womb cancer pembakal or prakanker, ranging from light to which the in or karsinoma stadium zero. Everything can be diagnosed with screening. In the early stages, cancer cells can spread to the mouth of the womb. Pra canker until karsinoma conditions in situ are often not show symptoms because it is in layers and epitel not cause significant changes. At both stages, the symptoms arise is keputihan, pascasanggama bleeding and watery discharge from the vagina liquids. If you have invasif, akan found bleeding symptoms such as spontaneous, outgoing keputihan and not feeling comfortable at the time of the sexual conduct.
There are several factors cause the occurrence of cancer cells, either directly or indirectly. First, the screening or filtration. Displasia often found at the age of 20 years. Karsinoma in situ at the age of 15-35 years and cancer serviks on invasive women age 40 years. Second, single and married at a young age and increased two-fold in women who have sex before 16 years. Third, the role of men's pair. Women who marry men with the (former) wife suffering from mouth cancer womb, will be also. Fourth, the characteristics and reproductive menstruation.

Sex position to make Women get orgasm

Missionary position or man on top position is make the most classical. However, the best no doubt bring more women on the powerful orgasm. According Health24, powerful orgasm can you give to couples as long as you apply pressure on the corner and the right rhythm. For that, you need to know the area where the G-spot and how to make couples take pride in all the action with you. It seems, many men know where the G-spot area women. Before entering the core stage of romance, start with a kiss. Kiss the body sensitive and effective way to stimulate sex, such as the neck, in the thigh, and breast. When get inflame already started, enter one or two fingers as deep as you are one to two inches to its V-Miss. There, you can easily feel a wisp of a coin in between your two fingers. Texture such as spoon.
Sex-position -to-make-Women-get-orgasm
This point is rich in nerve, and therefore the most sensitive area to be women. Attack with a soft but certain, and you will find this the point. Obviously, you have successfully sexs buoyant fishing appetite. Set the rhythm, pressure, and pulling. Touch the body pair in the recumbent position while you are on top of it. Your eyes and eye each other. Then, have a pair to change the point of foot and body to the place where he will feel very inflame Mr P polishing with you.
Remember that each woman has a different corner of the easement, even though the same in the Miss V. So, Explore in various positions until you find the most satisfy angle. Variations sex position, you can enter the area Miss V is back in the direction of the knees or lying position in bed. He can also lie with edge is in the bed, while the legs above your shoulder. You take a position standing in front of its V-Miss. This position will ensure that Mr P leads you straight, the fitting angle to maximize the contact with the G-spot. Arrange rhythm, pressure, and drag you play. As said before, if you attack the right point, then you have it at the beginning of the match there is no pleasure.

Cheryl Cole the most sexy woman in the world.

Cheryl-Cole-the-most-sexy-woman-in -the-world
sexy celebrity Cheryl Cole is able to conjure every eye look. For all the beauty and enchantment that is owned, not wonder if this one stars diganjar praise as the most sexy woman in the world. Michelle Obama and French President's wife, Carla Bruni may be the predicate women modis icons and stylish. However, Chery Cole also has a predicate not less prestigious, the most sexy woman in the world.
As quoted Femalefirst, the stars "Girls aloud" this is now much achievement. One of the evidence, he sexy snap images of women in the world which have a strong inherent in self-actress Megan Fox. Cheryl have predicate based on the results of the poll be held men adult magazine, FHM. Megan Fox, women seem to be terseksi 2008 swallow bitter pills and heart berpuas must occupy the second rank. Cheryl a year ago ranked seventh occupying chance meeting many capable thrust Megan position in the first position. Next, followed by Jessica Alba in ranked third and fourth ranked filled Diva Pop, Britney Spears. Is a special surprise found Britney to appear in the top position. Can do so because the maximum in the last few tours. In the previous year, Britney is only able to penetrate to the order-31. This is the order of ten women terseksi version of FHM magazine:
1. Cheryl Cole
2. Megan Fox
3. Jessica Alba
4. Britney Spears
5. Keeley Hazell
6. Adriana Lima
7. Elisha Cuthbert
8. Kristin Kreuk
9. Anna Friel
10. Freida Pinto

The stars of "The Twilight Saga's New Moon" squel

Recently, Summit Entertainment officially announced the actor-actress who will appear in 'The Twilight Saga's New Moon'. This is, in the stars of Hollywood's. Certainly Kristen Stewart (Bella Swan), Taylor Lautner (Jacob Black) and Robert Pattinson. (Edward Cullen) will be present in the film. Some of the stars' Twilight 'is also present Ashley Greene (Alice), Peter Facinelli (Carlisle), Elizabeth Reaser (Esme), Kellan Lutz (Emmett) and Nikki Reed (Rosalie). Meanwhile, from the Volturi Gank, actress Dakota Fanning finally portray characters Jane. Dakota akan accompanied Cameron Bright (Alec), Noot Seear (Heidi) and Michael Sheen (Aro, head of the Volturi). The Quileute tribal will show old movie stars' dances With Wolves' Graham Greene as the head of Harry Clearwater. Harry is a long time friend of Bella's father also appear in the first film. One of the leaders who lost in the 'New Moon' is Charlie, Bella's father, previously by Billy Burke. When this film is the vampire drama was the photography in Vancouver, Canada. 'New Moon' is scheduled to release in the United States on 20 November to come.

Vanessa Hudgens staring of Beauty and the Beast movie

Stars' High School Musical 'Vanessa Hudgens will appear in the new film' Beastly '. The film is a version teranyar 'Beauty and the Beast' is adapted from the novel of teenage Alex Flinn. In the film Vanessa Hudgens akan portray characters girl named Linda. Linda is a leader Kyle Kingsbury is able to restore the original shape. Beastly 'about Kyle Kingsbury, a young-looking and rich, which was then condemned by girls because of the nature of bad witch. Many of the business he was lakoni to cure the curse, he even find the way through the My Space site. 'Beastly' akan settings take Manhattan, New York today. In addition to Vanessa Hudgens, the film garapan Daniel Barnz it will also show the actor Alex Pettyfer as Kyle Kingsbury

Free download Top ten Box office movie

This week the film "17 Again" be the top American box office with earnings of U.S. $ 24.1 million. Film "State of Play" is in second position with earnings of U.S. $ 14.1 million. Film "Monster vs. Aliens" in the next position, followed by the film "Hannah Montana: The Movie," which this week in the first position to a position down to four.
Detail rank of American box office movie:
1 17 Again
2 State of Play
3 Monsters vs Aliens
4 Hannah Montana: The Movie
5 Fast & Furious
6 Crank: High Voltage
7 Observe and Report
8 Knowing
9 I Love You, Man
10 The Haunting in Connecticut

Modern minimalist furniture photos

Modern minimalist furniture photos can you see in this picture. Modern minimalist bed furniture, modern minimalist wall unit with combination red and black color, minimalist circle sofa, modern minimalist table suitable placed in Living room, beside that we can see modern minimalist home accessories made from wood like vase flower, chair, and many more. Combination black and white color make beautiful all modern minimalist furniture and home accessories.

Luxury living room photos collection

This is Luxury living room photos collection. We can applied this luxury living room picture in our interior design. Large living room complete with modern sofa and modern fireplace make comfortable when we stay in this living room. With big window glass we can see beautiful views. With white color dominate this luxury living room make look clean and healthy atmosphere. Modern lighting arrangement make beautiful and elegant living room.

Vaginoplasty make sensation and sexual satisfaction

Increasing only the number of patients who request or vaginoplasty operation pengencangan vagina of late. Can understand, if you have reached the stage of sex is not fun, the husband-wife relationship will be affected. Many patients have a decrease in the pelvis. With vaginoplasty, improved network perineal and pelvic muscles through the way menjahitnya. Skin vagina akan rapih made in accordance with kencangnya pelvic muscles. Operation can be done with one take days, with little pain and minimal complications. Of course doctors should be done by experts.
Skin vagina is not removed too much because it can cause complications later, such as pain when have sex. Each of the problems that occur must be completed at that time also. This is an effort to get "the size of a small" stimulus to improve the network against vulval and vaginal.
Vaginoplasty can be performed with or without the laser, but the operating principles remain the same. Complications such as bleeding and infection rarely occurs. Fear that some women experienced a normal vagina is too narrow so that sex does not become fun.
Vaginoplasty success depends on the personal and subjective, of operation, the patient, or spouses. The actual size of success is when third parties satisfied. Important for the surgeon to sensitive aspects of the patient and the spouse's emotional because this can help increase the success ratio.
Most patients who do vaginoplasty are those who are experiencing early menopause and those age 30-an. They claim to have sensation and sexual satisfaction are better, including braided relation, after this operation (vaginoplasty).
However, it is important to note also that the sex organ is the most powerful of which is in the ear, the brain. Stimulus to the vulva and klitoris akan received through foreplay, sending positive signals to the brain, which in turn provide sexual satisfaction. However, the stimulus vaginal / vulval still need something that "fit". Meanwhile, vaginoplasty is not the only problem-solving to improve their sex life, can not be denied that something is something that fit that occurred in bed.

Free download X-men Origins: Wolverine on the internet make dispointed Hugh Jackman.

Famous Hollywood stars Hugh Jackman looks despondent. Yes, the original actor is currently Australia's sorrow because a superhero film 'X-men Origins: Wolverine "has been leaking on the internet. In fact, the film predicted on the top box office this new released official months. "This is a serious criminal act and there is no doubt that it is very disappointing. I am so discouraged therefore," Jackman said while promoting the film in Sydney. The actors explain the FBI investigation agencies investigate the case. Seepage film X-Men Origins: Wolverine has been downloaded tens of thousands of times. It is feared will reduce the income of movie theaters in the film even though the leak is not the full version. Jackman try optimistic that the parties responsible for the film to spread copies will soon be caught apparatus. "FBI has process legal law and they wanted with very very serious," said Jackman. In the film, Jackman as Wolverine, the popular superhero character so the main story

New Sequel Sex and The City launch Mei 2010

Feeling nostalgic fans' Sex and the City 'will come true. The second film adapted from the television series will be released in cinemas in May 2010. From the Female First cited, Saturday 4 April 2009, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kim Cattrall, Cynthia Nixon. And Kristin Davis will repeat their roles in this film. Chris North, of Mr Big - Carrie Bradshaw's husband - set the producer to give children the possibility to pair in the movie. Sarah Jessica, but that role as Carrie reject speculation that problem. He said, "I will not give any indication."
Cynthia Nixon who served as attorney Miranda Hobbes confess dream plot in the story of the film. "I'm happy to see Miranda, Carrie, Charlotte and Samantha out of the adventure of the wild and mad," he said. Recently few scenes in this film will be taken in London. A source says, "In this sequel will include a key scene from Carrie and Big in London, the possibility of this picture will be taken during the winter for six months." "Big loss of money and take a job in London. He lived alone in a bedsitter. Big get lower wages and to sleep with another woman. After he left Carrie, Carrie find her pregnant," said the source. The first film Sex and the City is released on 30 May 2008 ago U.S. $ 412 million worldwide.

Free Download Monster vs Aliens Movie

Monster vs Aliens Movie in the top Box ofice tn this weekend, get Free Download Monster vs Aliens Movie here.

Luxury car photos collection

This is Luxury car photos collection in 2009. You can find in every international motor show event that is :BMW X5M, BMW X6M, Mercedes-benz cls 63 amg, Mercedes-benz c63 amg, Mercedes-benz e 63 amg, mercedes-benz sl 63 amg, mercedes-benz slk 55 amg, and Mercedes-benz s 65 amg. All the new model luxury car is Hight class car suitable for modern life style Vehicle 2010.

Berita Pemilu 2009 terkini:Quick count menjadikan partai demokrat pemenang pemilu 2009

Walaupun KPU belum secara resmi mengumumkan hasil siapa pemenang pemilu 2009, namun hampir semua lembaga survei yang melakukan quick count, semuanya serempak menempatkan Partai Demokrat pada posisi teratas dalam pemilihan legislatif ini. Bahkan hampir disemua TPS secara mengejutkan partai Demokrat menang telak. Bahkan pemilu yang dilakukan warganegara Indonesia yang di luar negeri Partai Demokrat menang. Dari data yang dihimpun tiga lembaga survei yang melakukan quick count yaitu LP3ES, LSI, Lingkaran Survei Indonesia, menjadikan partai Demokrat memperoleh rata-rata suara 20 persen. Selengkapnya berikut ini hasil quick count yang dilakukan tiga lembaga survei LP3ES, LSI, dan Lingkaran Survei Indonesia:

1. Partai Demokrat: 18,6 persen
2. PDIP: 15,6 persen
3. Golkar : 15,1 persen
4. PKS : 7,5 persen
5. PAN: 5.9 persen

Lembaga Survei Indonesia (Metro TV):
1. Demokrat : 20,6 persen
2. PDIP: 15,9 persen
3. Golkar: 13, 85 persen
4. PKS: 7, 68 persen
5.PKB: 5,94 persen

Lingkaran Survei Indonesia (TVone):
1. PD: 20,64 persen
2. PDIP: 15,19 persen
3. Golkar: 14, 80 persen
4. PKS: 8,12 persen
5. PAN: 6,19 persen

Ini sejarah baru bagi Indonesia yang selama ini pemenang pemilu di domonasi dua partai yaitu partai Golkar dan PDIP. Figur SBY yang yang santun, bijaksana, penuh kharisma dan sangat tegas merupakan kunci keberhasilan Partai Demokrat. Selain itu SBY mempunyai Sikap kenegarawanan yang tinggi yang saat ini belum dimiliki calon presiden yang ada. Hal itulah yang menyebabkan rakyat kagum dan memeilih partai Demokrat. Rakyat indonesia semakin cerdas dan pintar sudah tidak mau lagi di bodohi dengan janji manis seperti sembako murah, sekolah geratis, kesehatan geratis, dsb. Bagi rakyat yang penting adalah bukti dan SBY sudah membuktikan baik secara pribadi maupun lembaga. Rakyat sudah bisa menilai dan membedakan siapa pemimpin yang layak menjadi presiden dan siapa calon presiden yang hanya bisa mengumbar janji, bisanya hanya menghujat, menghina, dan mengkritik calon lain, dan rakyat tahu calon presiden yang berjiwa kerdil dan pengecut yang tidak mau mengakui kemenangan partai lain. Selamt buat Partai Demokrat dan bpk SBY... Teruskan perjuangan menuju indonesia yang maju , makmur sejahtera dan berkeadilan.

Vaginoplasty and Labioplasty the new vagina treatment

Vaginoplasty the operation is done to tighten the vagina, the more interested in the beauty world the last few years. Prior to know how to do vaginoplasty, also need to know what encourages people to do so. Women in the pelvic muscles to control the three organ systems, say, bladder, uterus and stomach, which flow into one. When one of the damaged organ, can be organs that are affected. Major cause behind the pelvic muscle damage is usually due to childbirth, menopause, and Obesity. Conversely, some women born with a network of fat and muscle collagen vagina is lax even when young and not lost during the birth. Damage vagina usually caused by pregnancy and childbirth. Head of the baby was born, through a vagina, can cause pelvic muscles too elastic and break Can become worse when the patient does not do kegel exercises during pregnancy and after birth. Many women do not realize these exercises can prevent or reduce the risk of damage to pelvic muscles. To know or not damaged pelvic muscles, the doctor can enter the vagina to the index finger and thumb into the anus and "tweak" it. If there is a kind of empty space between them, the pelvic muscles have been damaged and the network perineal body which is located in the area. This is a common problem caused by the cutting process of healing or a bad (episiotomy) in the vagina shortly after birth. This feeling that causes such as vulva / vagina that opens on the patient and spouse. Complaints, such as loose, do not bite, there is no sensation, and not fun, it is often heard.
Different from the vaginoplasty, there are patients who ask labioplasty (depreciation vagina lips). Some patients, especially under the age of 40 years, is very disturbed by the lips of their vagina. Some complain of pain when couples have sex when trying to find "the entrance". The other was when the pair saw depression vulva and turned to another woman. Labioplasty operation is simple with the vulva skin cut off the excess with a straight or zigzag cutting. Sewing is done with beautiful and this will be lost within a week. Labioplasty can be done as a day procedure with satisfactory results.

Lagu untuk tragedi Situ Gintung

Musibah situ gintung merupakan tragedi kemanusiaan, bencana jebolnya tanggul situ gintung yang menelan ratusan korban meninggal sepatutnya menjadi nasehat buat kita , banyak hikmah yang harus kita ambil dari musibah kemanusiaan ini. Banyak liputan dan vidio musibah situ gintung dapat kita lihat di televisi maupun internet. ada lagu yang cocok untuk menggambarkan tragedi situ gintung, yaitu lagunya Ebiet G ade berjudul "Masih ada Waktu" semoga dengan menyimak dan merenungkan lagu tragedi situ gintung ini kita dapat mengambil hikmah dan pelajaran. Berikut ini syair lagu 'masih ada waktu"
Bila masih mungkin
Kita menorehkan batin
Atas nama jiwa dan hati tulus ikhlas
Mumpung masih ada kesempatan buat kita
Mengumpulkan bekal perjalanan abadi
Kita pasti ingat tragedi yang memilukan
Kenapa harus mereka yang terpilih menghadap
Tentu ada hikmah yang harus kita petik
Atas nama jiwa mari heningkan cipta

Kita mesti bersyukur
Bahwa kita masih diberi waktu
Entah sampai kapan
Tak ada yang bakal dapat menghitung
Hanya atas kasihNya
Hanya atas kehendakNya
Kita masih bertemu matahari
Kepada rumpun di lalang
Kepada bintang gemintang
Kita dapat mencoba
Meminjam catatannya

Sampai kapankah gerangan
Waktu yang masih tersisa
Semuanya menggeleng
Semuanya terdiam
Semuanya menjawab tak mengerti
Yang terbaik hanyalah
Segeralah bersujud
Mumpung kita masih diberi waktu

The most luxurious cinema complex in the world

Watch movies in the cinema while enjoying a glass of champagne is fun. Moreover, if a sofa is made from a form of Italian-made leather. But, the price must be paid in order to enjoy the convenience of luxury that is expensive. Shinjuku Piccadilly, The most ultramodern interior movie theater in the worldthat offers the service via a packet go platinum. Although super expensive. price, customers will be satisfied with first class facilities that deliberately provided that these cinemas. Moreover, all the services provided also stages VIP. The experience in VIP will direct spectators step felt since the first foot in the cinema. Luxurious entrance, staircase and private waiting room for an exclusive audience. Besides champagne, cinema provides expensive hamburger special martini and the preferred tourist Asia. luxury cinema complex has two private rooms watching designed. For platinum room, each equipped with a screen 10 which allows the film witnessed the scene from various angles. In addition to world-class sound system, spectators can also read books on the sidelines playing the film

Sistem Penghitungan Suara Otomatis Pemilu 2009

KPU sudah mempunyai Sistem Penghitungan Suara Otomatis Pemilu 2009. Fasilitas ini diharapkan dapat mempercepat penghitungan suara pada Pemilu 2009 dan meminimalisir adanya konflik dan kecurangan dalam penghitungan suara. Prinsip kerja Sistem Penghitungan Suara Otomatis Pemilu 2009 adalah KPU akan menguji coba pengiriman data rekapitulasi penghitungan suara dari KPU kabupaten/kota dengan cara dipindai. Hasil pemindaian di KPU kabupaten/kota langsung dapat dilihat dari sistem ini. selain itu kelebihan sistem ini adalah Sistem Penghitungan Suara Otomatis Pemilu 2009 merupakan sistem jaringan untuk pengiriman hasil penghitungan suara tersebut dibuat berbasis Virtual Private Network Internet Protocol (VPN IP) dan Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) yang langsung terhubung dengan satelit Telkom dengan kecepatan 128 kbp/s. Untuk menjamin kelancaran pengiriman data, Fahmi menekankan pentingnya akurasi entry data yang dilakukan oleh operator di KPU Kabupaten/kota atau provinsi. Karena itu, perlu dilakukan pemantapan bimbingan teknis kepada operator yang berasal dari pegawai KPU di masing-masing wilayah.

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