Megan Fox the most sexy celebrity in the world


Transformers star, Megan Fox was selected as most sexy stars. Elections in FHM This is done through online surveys. Fox has twice occupied this position and successfully beat Jessica Alba is in the second position. It was the second woman so that successive as the most sexy women in this magazine.
Previous Jennifer Lopez never get the same degree in 2001 and 2002. Scarlett Johansson is in third place. Position fourth place Jessica Biel. U.S. TV star, Madeline Zima is in fifth place. New stars are Frieda Pinto entry position 25. Old stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Halle Berry entered the list in the order in 50 and 60. List of 100 stars in the world output section FHM's annual list is made to the to-15. Position based on surveys of 10 million readers from all over the world during this year. Following list of 10 big stars of the world's most sexy version of FHM; 1. Megan Fox 2. Jessica Alba 3. Scarlett Johansson 4. Jessica Biel 5. Madeline Zima 6. Adriana Lima; 7. Elisha Cuthbert; 8. Heidi Montag, 9. Anne Hathaway; 10. Katy Perry



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