Burj Dubai the highest tower in the world


Group of companies owned by Saudi Arabian Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, Saturday (13 / 6), states, companies that have signed an agreement with Emaar Company based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, to develop and oversee development of the tower as one kilometer in Jeddah. Kingdom Tower and Kingdom City in Jeddah will be standing on the building area of 23 million square meters, and contains a commercial center, residential, and office space in the area of 530 hectares of land near the Jeddah international airport, said the Kingdom is in a statement. Projects worth 26.6 billion U.S. dollars will be building a skyscraper shaped like a needle, much higher than other buildings that have been established and is being built in the world. Currently the highest building, Burj Dubai, a tower in Dubai Keamiran in eastern Saudi Arabia with a height of 800 meters and have not yet completed, is being built by Emaar. Kingdom Tower is first disclosed in 2003 and in 2007 the group announced that the company's development company based in the U.S., Bechtel, will oversee the project



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