A-H1N1 vaccine (swine flu) found


One day after the World Health Organization (WHO) announced the occurrence of pandemic, the Swiss pharmaceutical company, Novartis AG, says the experiment has produced the first vaccine specifically for the Mexican flu (H1N1 virus A-), however, that the vaccine has not been tested, and try not be used for human . The vaccine experiment is made in the cell and does not grow in eggs, as is common with the vaccine. WHO says, pharmaceutical companies are estimated to have a vaccine against the A-H1N1 virus that is ready to sell after September. WHO spokesperson, Fadela Chaib, says, Novartis will use 10 liters of the vaccine experiment for testing in the laboratory. The possibility that the vaccine will also be tested to humans. Novartis says so far 30 countries have already ask for that quota supply of vaccine, including the United States Department of Health has provided a deposit of 289 million U.S. dollar since May.



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