Tragedy Mass shootings Fort Hood military base 2009: 13 victims dead


Mass shootings that occurred in the military base Fort Hood, Texas, United States, grew to be 13 people. As reported by Reuters on Friday (6/11/2009), the death toll to 13 was a woman. With the death of this woman, then the total casualties amounted to 13 fatalities and 30 injuries. Of the 13 people killed, 12 of which came from the military. While one person is a civilian again. Shooting incident that occurred on Thursday, November 5, at around 13:30 local time. Culprit is Major Nidal Malik Hasan who is a military psychiatrist stationed at Fort Hood. By carrying a weapon 2 semi-automatic one, Hasan shooting the people who were on the Soldiers Readiness Processing Center. The place was a building where the soldiers undergo medical examination before being sent to foreign countries. Shooting motive unclear. But rumors that Hassan was angry because he would be placed into Iraq. Hasan who suffered gunshot wounds as much as 4 times that now he was being treated in hospital in unconscious condition but stable.



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