2012 resurrection official explanation from NASA


Here's the official explanation from NASA about the issue Resurrection 2012:
Resurrection reportedly supposed to happen on December 21, 2012, the end of this period caused by a collision between planet X or Nibiru to Earth, this event will create disasters supposedly all-powerful. NASA finally spoke up and declared all related stories end in 2012 as a mere issue and 2012 issue of Hour deliberately created for commercial purposes the western nations. In explaining if a collision will occur, astronomers had to trace it at least in the last decade 1, and the planet will appear to the naked eye. But it does not exist. NASA also confirmed the planet Earth since the first fine, in a period of billions of years and will remain like that for a long time. Regarding the theory of the theory that the Earth's magnetic reversals can be fatal assessed, NASA also denied. "To our knowledge, the magnetic field reversal does not endanger life on earth," explained NASA. On the other hand, the modern Maya peoples in Guatemala and Mexico also stated that doom predictions nonsense.



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