Motorbike 2050 Version 2 - vehicles with nuclear energy


Motorbike-2050-Version-2 -vehicles-with-nuclear-energy
Nuclear was not only used for power generation or as a weapon. Nuclear proved beneficial for the two-wheeled vehicles. nuclear, in the hands of two original wheel design that is France Romain Herment it can be used. Nuclear fusion would allow nuclear energy to electrical source to drive the engine. Romain called Motorbike 2050 Version 2 or 2050 motorcycle version 2. Motorcycle admittedly very cool and so many interesting details for the future. Bike requires deuterium and tritium. Both elements of the natural elements that is required by the machine discovery. To note Romain consumers on fuel consumption is very efficient motor findings, as efficient as 1 liter of water per 100 Km. Waw. Furthermore, Romain said heavy nuclear-powered engine is quite light and only 55 kg



kangmoes said...

Antisipasinya sudah di siapkan belum mas?
Misalnya terjadi tabrakan dan motor tersebut meledak?
Kan bisa-bisa satu kota "lenyap" gara-gara satu motor.

salam kenal

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