Victims Hurricane Ike ravages Galveston Texas



The Ike hurricane progressed to the side of the mainland of Galveston Texas. The category storm of two or one levels under the category was deadliest this, progressed with the speed 177 km/hour. Observation of the Miami storm as being quoted by Associated Press, on Saturday (13/9/2008) stated, Ike bashed the area of the settlement of the next coast south-east Huston on Saturday struck 03,10 at dawn local time. The strength of the Ike lunge could fly trees all along the coast, sucked water afterwards spewed out him to the mainland, as well as turned the inhabitant’s house upside down. Not only that, Ike also cut off the supply of electricity to hundreds of thousands of houses in Huston. As many as two million inhabitants took shelter in the house bunker in the biggest city of the four in America and biggest in this Texan state. Now one million other was evacuated yesterday. The local security side stated, this number was still increasing, considering enough residents who refused to be evacuated. Though 1 million people fled coastal communities near where the storm made landfall, authorities in four counties alone said roughly 140,000 ignored mandatory evacuation orders and stayed behind. Other counties were unable to provide numbers but officials said they were concerned that many decided to brave deadly conditions rather than flee.



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