Chinese baby milk powder scare severe



Totaling 140 babies of poisoning of formula milk in China, one it was reported died. A milk company, indication marketed the product that was contaminated the chemical. Health Minister China as being quoted by Associated Press, on Saturday (13/9/2008), dismissed the hard warning to Sanlu Group, the producer of biggest milk of the baby's formula in China. This company in fact has received the warning that the product that was marketed by them, contained chemical poison, but late attracted him from the market.
Last August, Sanlu tested the truth of this report. Results were in the milk mixture received melamine that was contaminated with powdered milk. However after that, Sanlu did not report the pulling plan. Sanlu only announced the pulling 700 ton formula milk that was produced before August 6, last Thursday. The report on first poisoning emerged mid last July. The related side afterward at once held investigation. Moreover the other report that was quoted the Xinhua news agency revealed, in March has had the side that reported his baby poisoning resulting from consume the Sanlu product. Suspected the content of milk experienced the protein surplus during the Sanlu side put melamine in the mixture. Melamine was the material that just like nitrogen and normally was used to drip the content of protein in milk. The number of babies that poisoning reached 140 people. Totaling 59 was in the Gansu city, one of big the province that his inhabitants poor. One baby it was reported died.



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