HypnoBirthing makes painless childbearing Comfortable and naturaly.



HypnoBirthing is A new technique involving hypnosis and meditation may grant every expecting mother's wish to not feel pain during labor. And no sophisticated technology is required. A new-age self-help hypnotherapy method makes pain minimal during labor. The method is called HypnoBirthing. HypnoBirthing is one of the therapy to reduce the feeling of being sick when the change. HypnoBirthing also ensures a peaceful and serene mood during pregnancy, increases the bond between mother and baby, and reduces nauseous and queasy feelings. The mother need not frightened of undergoing the normal change. Because, had therapy to reduce the feeling of being sick when giving birth, hypnobirthing. we must relax in order to gaze at the change could apply the movement hypnobirthing. three sorts relaxation in hypnobirthing, relaxation the muscle, breathing, and thoughts. When mengejan, basic muscles of the hip might not be tense. If tense, the baby had difficulty keluar. the mother felt was sick extraordinary. On the other hand, if we could relax, the basic muscle of the hip became elastic. This will facilitate the baby was born . the importance relaxation otot. Beside muscles relaxed, when mengejan, the breath was arranged through the stomach. Not from the chest. This that made us strong mengejan older compared to arranged the breath through the chest, stomach Breathing was useful to push the baby so that fast went out

That did not lose the importance of being relaxation thoughts. A long time ago before the H day the change, bounced the mother must be ready. In part by thinking positive while praying in order to be able to undergo the change fluently. The available embryo in the content often must be asked by communication, often every to baby in the content to together struggle.



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