New Hybrid Motor inspired by Yamaha and Honda



Not only the manufacturer of the car in the world currently competes to make the vehicle hybrid. The producer of the motorcycle then carried out the step similar. CreatorYamaha the Motor Co. (YMC) that began his project 2010 and Honda the Motor Co. (HMC) in 2011. Both the company together used the machine had a capacity of 50 cc and used the strong lithium battery (durable). Attracted him, the motorcycle did not issue carbon dioxide (CO2) or oxide nitrogen (NOX). For the battery filling, emissions CO2 was low enough. could have followed the distance 400 until 500 km.
The battery that was used by Honda, with very much the filling could follow the distance 50 km. His price was estimated between Rp Rp 26 million and Rp 35 million. It was following, the manufacturer of the motor had the wings as a symbol that planned to make the electric motor cheap with the distance quite far. Honda saw Japan Post Service Co was the potential consumer. While Honda developed the motorcycle that very much was filled up could follow 50 km, while Yamaha could take off to the best of 100 km very much the contents. But, Honda also intended to develop the motor hybrid that was cheap and the far distance for the sending service. Japan Post Service Co became the soft consumer. Even the planned sending unit ordered 90,000 powerful motors electric. The sending unit of the letter from Japan Post Group even had the intention of shifting his 90,000 motors to the vehicle hybrid. While Yamaha estimated the price of his motor around Rp 17 million more that could walk to the best of 100 km to very much the contents of the battery. Well Yamaha and Honda also had the program instigated the motorcycle hybrid this overseas. Be kept following the infrastructure in the country that , including filling facilities and the maintenance of the component.



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