Price and manual guide PhysioControl Lifepak 15 Patient Monitor Defibrillator



Price and manual guide PhysioControl Lifepak 15 Patient Monitor Defibrillator. New parameters for monitoring - to identify the conditions difficult to diagnose and improve patient care with Masimo Rainbow Technology (r). The Lifepak 15 is the first integrated monitor for noninvasive monitoring of carbon monoxide, methemoglobin and SpO2 (to detect certain drugs and chemical exposures). Enhanced support for the treatment of patients with STEMI - easily acquire an ECG pre-medication in 12-lead, and then count on 15 to constantly monitor all 12 leads in the background and alert you to changes in ST segment trend function. Using 15 in conjunction with the Web-based LifeNet STEMI Management Solution allows you to automatically and simultaneously sharing data of patients with multiple teams ICU patients in the same region. The most powerful energy available to growth - ADAPTIV biphasic technology offers the possibility of increasing to 360 J for the best results. Recent studies have shown that refibrillation is common among patients with cardiac arrest and VF defibrilation of recurrent episodes of VF is more difficult. Another recent randomized controlled study shows the rate of VF termination was greater with a higher energy regime always 200J and beyond. The 15 gives you the opportunity to increase the amount of energy up to 360 J for patients difficult to defibrillate. CPR proven leader - shown to help users perform the compression and load range recommended by the AHA Guidelines, CPR metronome uses audible prompts to guide the user without distracting vocal critics.

HTE and get feedback post-event it is necessary to imporve CPR performance with CODE-STAT Data Review Software with Advanced CPR Analytics. SunVue dual-mode LCD Screen - With one touch, switch between SunVue color, high contrast for better visibility in light in the field. A large screen (8.4 inches diagonal) color display and to provide maximum visibility from all angles. Upgradeable Platform - The Lifepak 15 is flexible to adapt to changing protocols and new guidelines and update when you are ready to deliver new therapies. Latest Lithium battery technology - the battery that matches or beats any competitor in the market. Enough juice to run a shift, with less weight.



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