Download Software PayMaster 2011 the Smart Application Manager Salaries



Download Software PayMaster 2011 the Smart Application Manager Salaries. How to increase the subsidy for food every time employee is present, the presence of compensation associated with the delay. In cases where the worker arrives late then the compensation would be cut, or the presence of incentives, where if the workers are always present in a certain period you receive cash incentives. Another feature of paymaster 2011 has data on exports of bank transfers, e-SPT, and facilities for the PivotTable to analyze the data and the salaries of employees. In terms of security, salary data in this application is encrypted so that not everyone can see the salary data and restrict access to menu and information. If the number of employees, at least 300 people. This product is also offered through the cloud computing service with a rental system. Transit is 2-2500000 USD per month. Andal Software Update Paymaster capacity applications become more 'intelligent'. Not only can a pillar in the management of wages, but also help in the task of the HR department. Paymaster 2011 - thus the name of this product - described as an application for administration of human resources, payroll, PPh 21 and the presence of an integrated plant. With a single screen on the salary component, a user claimed to be able to define almost all the members on the payroll of the company.



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