Causes of the Plane crash with 152 board in Pakistan


Still unknown causes of the Plane crash with 152 board in Pakistan. But the moment of impact, torrential rain and thick fog blanketed down. A commercial plane crashed in hilly areas of Pakistan near Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. Airbus 321 type aircraft carrying 152 people was destroyed. No one has found a victim who survived. Rescue efforts are still ongoing. Most of the victims were found in a condition not whole. "We found very few remains are still intact. Basically, we collect the body parts and stuffed into the pockets," said Bin Yameen, senior police officers of Islamabad. Search efforts for the victims of progress difficult access to locations that are difficult to reach. Location in the rugged and hilly areas have no roads. The plane belongs to Airblue, Pakistan's private airline crashed while approaching the Islamabad International Airport after leaving the city of Karachi, southern Pakistan. (source



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