Review Audi e-tron concept and the perfect specification


Review Audi e-tron and the perfect specification as the most beautiful electric sport car. Audi e-Tron is a high performance sports car that really rely on electricity as a source of motive. According to Audi, this two-door car with four electric motors, each with two on each axle front and rear. With this concept, the Audi concept car called the two-seater is a "quattro" pure. Power generated from the motor 230 kW (313PS) and 4500 Nm at sprint 0-100 km / hour to produce record 4.8 seconds. In mid acceleration, 60-120 km / h, e-Tron only takes 4.1 seconds. This car uses lithium-ion batteries, with energy content of 42.4 kWh, and can be used to travel 248 km. Apparently, the electric car technology developed rapidly.



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