Black Lamborghini Reventon photos and review


Black Lamborghini Reventon supersportscar much inspired by the form of F15 fighter planes to NATO. This is visible from the air cavity width on the front and rear. In addition, this supersportscar door model also features a pair of scissors, and the wide side skirt. This car is made using the material combination of carbon fiber and lightweight steel. That way, Reventon has style and rigid appearance. Net weight of 1690 kilograms (kg) or only 25 pounds heavier than the previous coupe models on the market. The interior is a mix of fighter aircraft concept, F1, and comfort. Instrument panel is no longer carrying 100 percent of the classic analog models commonly used in sports cars. However, three LCD panels are applied on the dash to raise the levels futuristic. One unit Lamborghini Reventón price Roadster worth 1.1 million euros (or approximately USD 15.9 billion) in foreign taxes, and will begin to be marketed next year.



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