Yemenie Air Crash: Chronologies and detail victim information


The airlines Yemen Airways confirm number of passengers in the plane with 142 people 11 kru. Plane that fell in the Comoros archipelago country, Indian Ocean, on Tuesday morning local time, the manifold Airbus 310. Not yet known the location of the fall of certain aircraft climbed 153 (previous 150 made) him. an official at Yemen Airways asked the possibility of the victim survived. He added there are passengers between French citizens and Comoros. Aircraft crash the journey from Sanaa, Yemen, the Motoni, capital of the Comoros archipelago country. Yemenie Air airline that is 51 percent owned by the government Yemen. Meanwhile, 49 percent owned by the government of Saudi Arabia. As many as 150 passenger aircraft airline Air Yemenie a fall in the Comoros Islands, Indian Ocean, believed killed. Aircraft airline Air Yemenie the fall in Comoros, Indian Ocean, take off from the airport, Paris, France on Monday morning. He had landed in Yemen before the flight to Moroni, the capital island Comoros. Jet haul Airbus 153 people who fell in the Indian Ocean in the middle gale and turbulence great. A daughter aged 14 years referred to as the only survivors of the victim who has found the location of the accident. Early reports indicate, a son aged five years as the victim survived, but this report and their accuracy can not be confirmed. So far, the SAR team has five interesting relic from the location of sea accidents. According to the description of Yemen Embassy in Washington, the accident caused by turbulence experienced by aircraft.



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