New Toyota Prius third generation the best hybrid car


Almost all the world's car manufacturers to make hybrid cars. There is still a concept, and of course some brands are produced in bulk and sales. Toyota's 3rd Generation Prius was ranked the top. To date, 1.7 million units of 2010 Toyota Prius Third Generation sold in the world. Most widely sold in the United States. In the United States, became the icon The third-generation Prius hybrid car, and even become a generic name of hybrid cars. Since second-generation debut on the 2003 The third generation Toyota Prius, hybrid cars continue to rise Pamor from "niche product" to "best cross" number three of all Toyota products sold in the United States. Performance has not been able New 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid 3rd hybrid car same others. With these capabilities, the level of satisfaction of the Prius cars this consistent 98 percent. Dimension 2010 Toyota Prius Third Generation Hybrid Car bigger. Body 100 mm longer and 25 mm wider. Larger machines and also vigorous. Originally using the 1.5 liter engine, is now 1.8 liters. Output increased from 110 PS 136 PS into. New 2010 Toyota Prius Hybrid 3rd that can produce the fuel consumption of 21.5 km / liter.



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