Collection of bizarre events behind the mystery of Michael Jackson death


Here are some strange incident behind the death of mega stars Michael Jackson:
1. The mystery of Michael Jackson tomb
Jackson fans have a new mystery about the location of graves of Jackson. Up to Wednesday (8 / 7), the family is not prepared to disclose this information.
Some local media reported that Jackson coffin was not to return to Hollywood Hills house of mourning. Due to unclear, many parties and are confident that Jackson akan dimakamkan at Neverland Ranch.
2. The cause of Michael Jackson death
Jackson obit already published, but is not written cause death. Section, until at this time investigators are still analyzing the brain Jackson. Deputy Chief Ed Winter said coronary, brain, or Jackson at least a small part of the brain still kept Jackson akan investigators and the family returned to Jackson after the nerve after the examination.
3. Mystery Michael Jackson spirit live camera caught
4. Michael Jackson the moslem?
Michael Jackson death in the age-50 to have made the emotional spill all over the world, and thanks to globalization, the news of his death affect his fans also in Asia and the Middle East. Early 2007, his brother, Jermaine Jackson, a Muslim, announced that Michael will embrace Islam. Then, in November 2008, only a few months before his death, the press reported that the official Michael enclasp Islam.



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