Angelina Jolie the cheapest actrees in the world


Angelina Jolie once again beat Jennifer Aniston, the former wife, Brad Pitt. Jolie over Aniston as successful actress with these payments. In the last year, Jolie successful U.S. $ 27 million. Meanwhile, the 'rival' Aniston gets only U.S. $ 25 million. Achieve the success that is obtained thanks to Jolie film 'Wanted'. Film will been a run-sequel is sweet in the summer ago. Besides Wanted, Changeling also accompany Jolie get these predicate actress. Meanwhile, Aniston, the income of U.S. $ 25 million owing to obtaining film 'Marley and Me'. Actress that still bear the old is also not yet released film 'He's Just Not That Into You. "
Be ranked third in the bottom of Jolie and Aniston, a senior actress Meryl Streep. Stars film musical 'Mamma Mia' that have recorded revenue of U.S. $ 24
Following list of 10 professional artists with these:

1. Angelina Jolie, U.S. $ 27 million
2. Jennifer Aniston, U.S. $ 25 million
3. Meryl Streep, U.S. $ 24 million
4. Sarah Jessica Parker, U.S. $ 23 million
5. Cameron Diaz, U.S. $ 20 million
6. Sandra Bullock, U.S. $ 15 million
7. Reese Witherspoon, U.S. $ 15 million
8. Nicole Kidman, U.S. $ 12 million
9. Drew Barrymore, U.S. $ 12 million
10. Renée Zellweger, U.S. $ 10 million.



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