Cheryl Cole the most sexy woman in the world.


Cheryl-Cole-the-most-sexy-woman-in -the-world
sexy celebrity Cheryl Cole is able to conjure every eye look. For all the beauty and enchantment that is owned, not wonder if this one stars diganjar praise as the most sexy woman in the world. Michelle Obama and French President's wife, Carla Bruni may be the predicate women modis icons and stylish. However, Chery Cole also has a predicate not less prestigious, the most sexy woman in the world.
As quoted Femalefirst, the stars "Girls aloud" this is now much achievement. One of the evidence, he sexy snap images of women in the world which have a strong inherent in self-actress Megan Fox. Cheryl have predicate based on the results of the poll be held men adult magazine, FHM. Megan Fox, women seem to be terseksi 2008 swallow bitter pills and heart berpuas must occupy the second rank. Cheryl a year ago ranked seventh occupying chance meeting many capable thrust Megan position in the first position. Next, followed by Jessica Alba in ranked third and fourth ranked filled Diva Pop, Britney Spears. Is a special surprise found Britney to appear in the top position. Can do so because the maximum in the last few tours. In the previous year, Britney is only able to penetrate to the order-31. This is the order of ten women terseksi version of FHM magazine:
1. Cheryl Cole
2. Megan Fox
3. Jessica Alba
4. Britney Spears
5. Keeley Hazell
6. Adriana Lima
7. Elisha Cuthbert
8. Kristin Kreuk
9. Anna Friel
10. Freida Pinto



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