Stemcell Therapy new skin treatment



Normally, skin cells generation every time 28 days. On the end of this cycle, was born more young and fresh skin. This could be seen from skin that merona shone. However unfortunately, together with the increase in the age, the skin capacity cells then decreased. As a result, skin weakened, dull, and the color of skin was not equitable. So, was needed something that could return the regeneration capacity of skin, especially for them who experienced the problem of early ageing. Because at this time, aging and no longer their problem that aged middle-aged, many women that aged at the beginning of the 20 's that has experienced him
Many women who wanted instant results, could do treatment be proper for diamond oxygen, mikrodermabrasi, or injection vitamins. Now for the traditional maintenance, Anita Salon also offered facial, full-blooded the face, acupuncture, also face the lift without the operation. However, when wanted feature young by means of natural at the same time practical, Stem Cell Therapy his answer. Used Stemcell, the product from Spain, Anita gave the new solution for them who wanted to get the texture of skin was more soft and clear. Lotion that was met in the small bottle was silvery that indeed gave the special miracle. Without the oily feeling or was close, Stemcell improved skin cells quickly. Returned his regeneration capacity and showed skin that was first-rate to the surface. Results finally could be counted resembled the effect of the injection botox, certainly with the far more cheaper price.
Revitalisation of skin that was done by Stemcell took place naturally. In this way, directly the content kolagan in skin also increased that meant to return the level of skin elasticity. From outside, skin was seen more tight and fresh. What caused Stemcell so special was the content of protein concentrate that was extracted from the sheep placenta. From results of the research that was carried out a group dermatologis, dermapatologis, as well as the doctor of the plastic operation, last February in the United States, was proven, this placenta just like the content of the nutrient and bio-active sitokin that could increase the growth of the cell naturally. In this research, was proven Stemcell played an active role in increased the production of collagen and the matrix elastin in skin, and gave the significant effect in skin enlightenment, as well as could reduce good wrinkles to the man and the woman. Stemcell. treatment this was very good to refine scar on the face resulting from the pimple, Used in the morning before using cosmetics, applied evenly to the face also the neck. Its difference will be felt in several days. Skin became softer, cosmetics then adhered older. And other, don't forget to keep Stemcell in the refrigerator to maintain his condition and say welcome to younger new skin, soft, and healthy shone.



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