Spanair airliner crash:Black Mailbox on the Extraterrestrial Highway, near Area 51



153 killed in Madrid airline crash . Spanair flight had trouble before Madrid crash; Black Mailbox on the Extraterrestrial Highway, near Area 51. Spanair airliner crash when second Take Off , until now the cause of the aircraft accident Spanair MD-82 was not yet known. According to the testimony, this aircraft issued the smoke immediately after the Canary Island aim aircraft the bend to right. Development Minister Magdalena Alvarez said, during the bend to right, the aircraft suddenly issued the smoke and was destroyed to several part of plane. Mean while from Scandinavian Airlines, as the owner's company Spanair said still could not confirm whether the cause of this accident. Whereas Alvarez stressed, this only an accident was still not having the side that must be blamed. "At this time the data and the recorder" of the "voice of the aircraft flight cockpit was checked"
Quoted the spokesperson's information Spanair Susana Vergara, before the take-off, the pilot reported concerning the standard measurement between the temperature outside the aircraft and inside. When the temperature was matched, the flight could be postponed. The accident happened during the take-off aircraft to that his two times. The accident that happened in the Barajas International Airport, Madrid, this Wednesday August 21 was the biggest accident after beforehand the Boeing 747 exploded and killed 181 people in 1983. Then in 1985 Iberia Boeing 727 exploded in Bilbao that killed 148 people.
The aircraft accident that struck the Spanair airline in the Madrid Airport, on last Wednesday was recorded to the accident that was most horrifying in several last decades. Totally, 153 people were killed in the incident. As being quoted by Associated Press, on Thursday (21/8/2008), an aircraft have an engine MD-80 this suddenly was burnt and exploded for a moment when will do take towards the Palmas Weld, Canary Island. The aircraft was seen turned to right before finally exploded and be destroyed at the back was accompanied the very horrifying flame. development Spain Minister, Magdalena Alvarez confirmed if the number of casualties was killed has reached 153 people and 19 experienced wounds. However, still had two casualties who were not yet successful it was identified. When the aircraft was burnt, was gotten by 162 passengers and 10 cru the aircraft. 22 people were children and two pre-scholars.





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