Google launch Free Music Search Exclusive in China



Google launch Free Music Search Exclusive in China .The services search for music free currently is produced by Google only for the users of the internet in China. Apart from being supported many recorder labels, this service also enabled the user to access music in a legal manner. The service that was given by the name of this One box music will escort the user to visit link From this address then the users of the internet could in China access available music free, was good for in download and only in stream then. Unfortunately, the users of the internet outside China were not permitted to visit this site to prevent the hijacking.
This that made the China government only gave permission to Google to give access, not sold music. Music services download paid was not permitted in China, in fact to brand famous like Apple iTunes even. His article, music download from the site free very susceptible became the product hardened. personally was the local China site that received the support from approximately 100 recorder labels. In the future, they were then sounding out the agreement with Sony BMG and Warner Music Grup to establish the partnership. This legal musical service could help the user to avoid the site address that did not function, the process downloads that was slow, results of the inaccurate search and the quality of the not good song, said Google in his information.According to the data from an international federation, more than 99 percent musical that was distributed in China was the product hardened. Although China was regarded as the potential market but the sale of music on the whole in this country only USD76 million per the year. This figure did not achieve one percent of the income whole that was produced by the musical industry globally.



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