Facebook succeeded in overcoming the glory MySpace


Facebook-succeeded-in-overcoming-the-glory- MySpace

Facebook succeeded in overcoming the glory MySpace as the site of the social network famous in the internet. In June yesterday, was based on the data comScore that was launched through the AFP, totalling 132 million people visited Facebook. This figure far more many compared to MySpace that was visited by approximately 117.5 million people in the same month.
The increase in this position was the current from the Facebook step that increased several world languages so as not exclusively England. The increase in this language also that increased the visitor's Facebook figure because of enabling all the user of the internet in any country to visit the site of the network belonging to Mark Zuckerberg. According to comScore the social network visitor globally increased until 25 percent became 580.51 million people. This figure contributed from the increase in the number of visitors in North America that reached 9 percent, the European visitor who increased by 35 percent and the visitor in the Middle East territory that jumped to 66 percent. The number of visitors who accessed Facebook this like twice the visitor's fold Hi5 in June. Moreover the site of the other social network then was affected by the rise current in the visitor until 30 percent, despite the number of their visitors still could not match Facebook. In Facebook, as many as 49 million visitors came from North America. Whereas Europe immediately will follow with the number of visitors Facebook 35.2 million.



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