New Toyota Alphard 2009 the perfect Specification



The new Toyota Alphard 2009 is one of the luxurious minivan from Toyota and It an executive vehicle best suited for someone who has a driver at his or her disposal . Reading lamps mounted to the seatbacks arc overhead to illuminate the seating areas, and the ample countertops by the vehicle walls feature cupholders and what appear to be window, seat and/or privacy curtain controls. In the console between the two seats, a pair of tray tables and a video screen fold neatly out of sight with Engine capacity Available in 2400 and 3500cc make new alphard more elegant when we drive. New Alphard have Driving type Available in 2WD and 4WD with Steering position Right Hand Drive (on the right side of car) make easy to drive. Beside that when we drive we will find easy and comfortable when drive cause new alphard 2009 available Transmission type Automatic gear. With a handsome console is home to the passenger cabin's refirigerator plus additional storage areas suitable for barware or other personal belongings. The driver isn't exactly slumming it up front, either, as the leather and wood treatment finds its way forward as well.
With Fuel Gasoline (Petrol) we can save aur cost. With wonderful interior new alphard 2009 have Passenger capacity Available in 7 and 8 passenger capacity . Engine type 2400cc : 2AZ-FE 3500cc : 2GR-FE, Number of doors 5.
How else is the occupant supposed to take advantage of the creature comforts available in the new Alphard Royal Lounge's swank passenger cabin? Gone are all but two seats, positioned fully aft to offer enormous amounts of legroom and easy ingress/egress via the sliders. The seats are awash in rich leather and feature a power recline function that includes a fold-out ottoman, similar to what you find in upper class train or airline seating. Polished wood trim adds to the warm ambiance
We can See pictures of this car Front 1 . Front 2 . Back 1 . Back 2. Cockpit view . inside 1 . Inside 2 if we look this car we can find mixed luxury and elegant vehicle . We can choose model cause this modern car cause Available Colors . About Price we can choose several alternative 2400cc 2WD = US$ 38,400., 2400cc 4WD = US$ 40,400., 3500cc 2WD = US$ 42,300., 3500cc 4WD = US$ 44,300., Remarks Shipping cost is not include in above price, Total price Car price + marine insurance US$ 120 + shipping cost to your country. There are no hidden cost or extra charges.




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