GunBus 410 Specification and price


These detail specification GunBus 410 and GunBus 410 price. Motorcycles manufactured by Clemens Leonhardt Leonhardt Manufacturing leaders like detikOto quoted from the Motorcycle, on Saturday (09/18/2010), even though the giant was incorporated into the specification and have successfully passed all the stringent testing procedures in Germany to be used legally on the highwa. And even has a length of 3.5 meters, which is supported by a tire that actually specifically used by planes Boing 746 with size 38 inches x 11 inches in the front and rear tires 42 inches x 15 inches of Rigdon, GunBus it still can be ridden fairly.  Because when the motor is mounted, the distance between the seats to the ground still quite reasonable 31.5 inches which is the same as riding a moge, so although your feet up the motor still dapa giant stride toward the earth. But for the weight, GunBus especially well suited to the size. Since when calculated on a mathematical, GunBus 410 weighs more than twice as heavy in the appeal of a car in general. GunBus 410 price 190 thousand Euros



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