Waka Waka Theme song FIFA World Cup 2010 by SHAKIRA Isabel Mebarak Ripoll


SHAKIRA Isabel Mebarak Ripoll probably would never have expected if the "Howard Johnson Howard Johnson ... This Time for Africa ", which is also the official song of World Cup 2010 in South Africa (South Africa) will reap a lot of controversy. Colombian-born diva origin Enunciated February 2, 1977, the famous with the name of Shakira, it claimed to have tried my best to bring the song.
However, the public in South Africa assess that the singer, lyricist, musician, dancer, music producer, and philanthropist is, is not a proper rendition of this official. In addition because the music does not have the design of South African citizens, chord song also does not taste of Africa. And Shakira is not South African citizens become the main obstacle.
Whereas, the owner of the album Pies Descalzos (1995), Est Dunde ° N Los Ladrones? (1998), Laundry Service (2001), Fijaciun Oral Vol 1 (2005), Oral Fixation Vol 2 (2005) and She Wolf (2009) that brought him his first band, Freshlyground, that in fact native South Africa. South Africa assess public election is considered to reduce keafdolan Shakira World Cup which for the first time was held in the Rainbow State.

"We will hold a party a fantastic World Cup in South Africa. But why not able to present a single South African singer to sing that song? "Said Jenny Cryws-Williams DJ, broadcaster Radio Talk Radio 702nd, in the City of Johannesburg, South Africa.
Public response was almost the same. In fact, they are criticized more strongly to the performance of South African President who is considered unable to work, because the singer was not able to present South African citizen choice. Nevertheless, some have a different opinion. By choosing an international singer than the original South African singer, would be very good for South Africa.
It can reflect the global spirit as the spirit of unity that didamba and brought the World Cup. "Up For The World Cup is not always the story of South Africa as a country, but about how to be a good host. And, most importantly how to bring the world to South Africa, "said Botes, Johanessburg citizens. Current Scheduled Walk, Shakira and Freshlyground band performing the song 'Waka-Waka ... This Time for Africa "at the opening kick-off concert or the World Cup in Soweto, South Africa June 10. Singers United States such as Black Eyed Peas, Alicia Keys, and John Legend also graced the World Cup opening concert. Although, at the same time criticized the South African Government if the party opening the World Cup, was not sufficient to accommodate the original South African artists.
The controversy was not the first time that happened in the World Cup. World Cup organizing committee recognizes, four annual event that always raises complicated issues regarding the selection of artists to appear as an opening, as well as cover the World Cup. Although the stumbling blocks that often reap diangggap disrupt the party organization, the overall selection of the artist singer in the World Cup continues to run smoothly. For example at the World Cup in Argentina in 1978, who chose the song "Argentine Melody (Cancion de Argentina)", sung with the San Jose Rodriguez of Argentina. Then, in 1982 in Spain who chooses songs "BBC World Cup Grandstand" sung by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, or the song mandatory Mexico World Cup 1986, "A Special Kind of Hero" by Stephanie Lawrence and "Aztec Gold" chanted Silsoe Rod Argent.
Year 1990 in Italy, "Un'estate Italiana" by Edoardo Bennato and Gianna Nannini, and "Nessun Dorma" by Luciano Pavarotti and Giacomo Puccini. World Cup 1994 in the United States who chose the song "Gloryland" (instrumental) by Traditional Glory, and superhits "We Are the Champions" which dipupolerkan Queen (Freddie Mercury).
In 1998, the French song "The cup of Life" sung by Ricky Martin and the song "Together Now" (Jean Michel Jarre and Tetsuya Komuro). In 2002 in South Korea and Japan, the song "Boom" was popularized by Anastacia, 2006 in Germany "Celebrate the Day" (Herbert Grnemeyer) and "The Time of Our Lives" (Il Divo with Toni Braxton).
Will the excitement of World Cup South Africa tomorrow tainted because they only obligatory song "Sign of a Victory" sung R Kelly and Soweto Spiritual Singers, and "Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)" by Shakira and Freshlyground, who is not a native South Africa?



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