Robert Green blunder make dispointed England fans -Fifa World Cup 2010 Review


United States become a formidable opponent for England, The Three Lions are seeded unable to win, both teams could only draw 1-1 at Royal Bafokeng Stadium, Sunday (13/06). 

England turned down 4-4-2 formation, Capello has presented few surprises, Robert Green became the main goalkeeper, Terry, Ledley King, accompanied in the heart of defense, James Milner who had been healed instantly became the starter, while two strikers Rooney and Emile Heskey completed.
While the United States as the best players usually lose their stock, including Clint Dempsey, Landon Donovan, Jozy Altidore and who are recovering from an injury as a striker.
Quick goals created in this game, Steven Gerrard, as the culprit in the fourth minute, starting the throw into the Glen Jhonson on the right side of defense the United States, Rooney-Heskey partnership tick-not completed Gerrard in the middle with the ball in the direction of cheating unreached goalkeeper Tim Howard, the captain brought the British excel.
But after winning, it was England who was always depressed, the ball repeatedly failed to flow into the front lines, the U.S. could almost equalized when Donovan provides a perfect crossing Altidore living solved, but the header with just did not meet the target.
lapse of some time before England can get out the pressure and get the opportunity again, Sodoran Lennon Rooney to make it could cut into the penalty box the UK, but the chances can be muted attentiveness of U.S. defenders, after that Rooney could also get the opportunity though not so good.
The player who made a surprise that night, James Milner, who had been healed directly into the core players get yellow card 29 minutes, because it is too late to do tekel U.S. players.
England had again got the opportunity through the action of Glen Jhonson that pierced the right side, crossing the horizontal to the middle of trying to Heskey but instead he was greeted collided with goalkeeper Tim Howard, who made Howard should get a second treatment due to chest tersodok by Heskey, Milner pulled out at the time, Shaun Wright-Phillips was replaced.
England punished for kelengahannya by players that play in the Premier League with Fulham, Clint Dempsey, he let go of the hard left foot shot from outside the penalty box, the ball caught a rushing attempt by Green, but not perfect catch the ball out of his hands and into the England goalkeeper, 1-1 minute 40.
Kick off, quickly made the British, who tried to return superior results, Glen Jhonson almost managed to use it after cheating a number of players, still managed to shot the ball unfortunately muted Howard, a moment later the first round ended.
The second half was pretty exciting walking both teams exchanged attacks, Lampard and Heskey almost makes England return to lead but Tim Howard appeared so swiftly under the rule of The Yanks.
Americans are also nearly back to punish the British, most notably through the opportunities gained Altidore, puncture of the left side of the British defense he fired hard, the ball hit the pole ignored Green and not changing the game score. Superior mastery of English football continues to try to storm the U.S. defense, two chances back kick got through Wright-Phillips, Wayne Rooney and also from the right side but again Howard blew, carrying more than 20 times the appropriate British shot U.S. goal lead, the effort put Crouch was also not reaped results.
Referee gives additional time of 4 minutes in the second round, but there is no chance of meaningful, the final score was 1-1 with both teams must also be satisfied only get one point in their first party in this 2010 World Cup. 



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