Trend wedding dress 2010


Wedding moments into beautiful memories for a pair of men and women who are committed to love. No doubt if they would try hard to find wedding dresses and suits, not on account of high-priced, but elegant and understated. Faced with the wedding day, women are usually more busy than the prospective groom. The image of a beautiful queen Balam day dress elegant wedding already exists in the shadows. Including a strong desire to lose weight to look perfect. For that, she was selectively choosing the appropriate wedding dress with her posture. "The trend 2010 wedding dress leads to an elegant dress, but the impression blink-blink to be abandoned. Not with a sprinkling of swarovski crystals that causes excessive impression too glamorous, but the real luxury lies in the structure and design lines, "he said in an interview via cell phone Legal, Thursday (29/1/2010).
With the theme "For Ever Love", the owner of the Han Chenny Bridal collection featuring 24 international wedding dress which is divided into three sequences, ie a mini dress, ballgown classics, and Greek style. With the cutting technique in every detail, will combine techniques Chenny and Drapery pleats at the Greek style. While the brocade and crystal games barely used in mini dress and Greek style.
"The first Sequences will be dominated mini dress. This dress will become a trend in 2010. Followed by a second sequence with a collection of classic and ballgown covered with Greek style filled with H-line silhouette and mermaid, "he continued.
Besides beautify the collections with new breakthroughs such as the laser technique, was perfecting his collection Chenny with flocking techniques. "Flocking technique is a technique that creates a motive arises as emboss. Motif emboss will enrich the texture, like writing on paper arise. Abroad, this technique alone there were two or three years ago. Only here the technique is not yet known the general public, "he said. The entire wedding dress works using materials Chenny taffeta, satin, silk, tulle, and Organdi. As we want to show the beauty of white, showing only Chenny dresses in shades of white, ie white, bone white, and champagne. Interested in collecting? Watch for Han Chenny mat work in the Grand Wedding Expo 13 held 29-31 January 2010 in the Plenary Hall, Jakarta Convention Center. The event was opened to the public starting at 10.00-21.00 WIB.



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