Haiti Earthquake victims photos


Earthquake 7.3 magnitude that shook Haiti SR causes paralysis almost the entire infrastructure, including communications. Shocks great earthquake had flattened several buildings with land in the capital Port-au-Prince. The earthquake magnitude 7 on the Richter scale early on Tuesday (12/1/2010) at 16:45 o'clock local time, or Wednesday morning at 04.45 pm was centered at about 10 miles west of the Haitian capital. "Some people ran into the street, crying, yelling and screaming fear," said Karel Zelenka, director of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) in Haiti. "They see how powerful the damage caused, but was helpless to save so many people are buried under rubble," he said. "There are so many buildings that collapsed," Zelenka said in a telephone interview from Port-au-Prince. "This disaster would be catastrophic."
Zelenka reported heavy smoke cloud visible in the air after a number of buildings collapsed. Near the CRS headquarters, a supermarket were destroyed and completely razed to the ground. Largest earthquake ever recorded rocked Haiti, Tuesday (12/1/2010), knocked down a hospital. "The whole town is in darkness. Thousands of people sat on the street. They do not know where to go," said Rachmani Domersant, Operations Manager Food for the Poor. Some of the main building, such as offices, hotels, and shops in the Haitian capital, Port-Au-Prince, collapsed due to strong earthquake on Tuesday (12/1/2010). The ruins are expected to accumulate hundreds or even suspected to be into the thousands of people. They were trapped under rubble. As stated by one of the U.S. aid agency workers. "I've seen, seven or eight buildings, ranging from office buildings to hotels and shopping center collapsed ... I think the hundreds of casualties is expected to shrink," he said.

Until now not known how many victims died. In one area of Port-au-Prince, Petionville, part of a fairly elite area, in which diplomats and wealthy citizens residing Haiti, a hospital collapsed and several homes were destroyed and the ruins fell into a ravine. Foreign Ministry spokesman PJ Crowley U.S. State explains, the U.S. Embassy in Haiti has begun contacting U.S. citizens residing in Port-au-Prince. However, this communication was blocked by the collapse of communications facilities or breaking point the way to disaster sites after earthquake.

"The damage is significant. Most of the walls collapsed. Most people died buried by the rubble," said Crowley. "The damage there really significant." "Thousands of people were killed," according to a spokesman for the Catholic Human Recovery Agency in Port-au-Prince in a statement over the phone to his colleagues in the U.S.. "He reported catastrophic chaos and around Port-au-Prince is shrouded by clouds of ash," Fajardo said the Catholic Humanitarian Recovery Agency in Maryland about the information he gets from the disaster site. While so far there has been no official statement from the Haitian government about the number of deaths.



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