PS-spot Mystery of Women's sex Satisfaction



PS-spot perineal sponge stands, located between Miss V and the anus, just below the perineum (the skin between the bandaged face Miss V and the anus).
Perineal sponge is a mass of erectile tissue, which means that when this part is stimulated, it will be filled with blood and dilate, just as happened to Mr. P and the clitoris when aroused.
Techniques to stimulate PS-spot
The best way to stimulate PS-spot is with one or more fingers, can also with sex toys shaped curve, the same way as to stimulate the G-spot. How can a little different if you want to do the pressure in the opposite direction (ie the wall behind Miss V). You also can stimulate this section through the perineum (the push). If you want to try this technique during intercourse, you can try sex positions that drive Mr. P to the wall behind Miss V, as in the missionary position or woman on top. But, doggy style is not effective enough to induce PS-spot.
So, what it's like when PS-spot is stimulated? Women are happy when this area is stimulated to say the result, namely to achieve orgasm only by stimulation in this section, increase the sensation of another stimulation, expand or intensify orgasm, and able to achieve orgasm more quickly



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