Tiger Woods suffered a drug overdose while in a car accident


Legendary golfers from the United States the world, Tiger Woods, finally admitted to the hospital he suffered a drug overdose while in a car accident, two weeks ago.
In his medical information, written clearly 'OD'. Information about Woods was driving under the influence of illicit substances is given by a traffic officer highways of Florida, Joshua Evans. Earlier, a witness, which is believed to the golfer's wife, Elin, Woods said alcohol shortly before the incident. But Evans said, Woods was on medication that requires a sedative he consumes, Ambien, and a reduction of pain, Vicodin. The police were waiting for results of blood tests from the hospital where the Tiger treated. He suffered injuries to the face when the SUV driven Cadillac crashed into a fire hydrant and a tree outside his home in Orlando. The prosecutor then demanded the charges, "driving under the influence of illicit substances and damaging state property." Tiger four times refused police requests to speak to him after the accident that occurred on November 27 it. Police finally closed the case without a description of Tiger Woods and fined for reckless driving.
While in the hospital, Tiger using the pseudonym William Smith, the name of one famous Hollywood actor. The doctor then gave him the tools to launch respiratory tract Tiger.



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