Life Style: Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) and SPA Vagina (V-Spa)


Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation (LVR) and SPA Vagina (V-Spa)

In this modern time the problem of the maintenance of the intimate organ not something that the taboo again, Recently this that became Trend and became the lifestyle in the woman was Rejuvenation of the vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) and SPA the vagina (V-Spa). In the news that will be sent by me especially discussed Rejuvenation of the vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) and SPA the vagina or V-Spa. Several of my previous days read the article about rejuvenation of the vagina or often in mentioned the Vaginal Laser rejuvenation. That made me curious was technical this could return the virginity of a woman. In my heart emerged the question what could??? What could the torn hymen could in restored again?
In order to get the answer from this question I came to jogjakarta in one of the hospitals that was Street. Ipda tut harsono street, it seems only in this hospital one by one in Indonesia that had the Rejuvenation service of the Vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR).
I met some of Customer service this hospital. He explained in a manner details concerning the Rejuvenation service of the Vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR). the Vaginal Rejuvenation laser (LVR) this was drafted to increase the tone, the strength and the control of the vagina muscle effectively. This procedure also would to small the diameter of the vagina internal and external apart from also reinforced the part perineum. As for the benefit or the function from Rejuvenation of the Vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) was to be able to be modified for the operation gynecologic that was used to overcome stress urinary incontinence (was difficult to control urine when the pressure in the stomach increased like when sneezing, laughed, the cough or played sport). Moreover LVR was drafted also to be able to increase the sexual enjoyment to the woman, that because various because of experiencing the disturbance of the normal form of the vagina. Said customer service this the operation technically this laser gave the procedure accuracy and care as well as at least the bleeding that happened. The Vaginal Rejuvenation laser (LVR) was the operation by using the laser technique that was carried out for 1 hour.
Therefore, the patient for a long time might not be in the Hospital.
This new technique also gave faster recovery so as the client could come back carried out the routine activity as usual in a fast period The Kind and function from the Rejuvenation service of the vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR).
The Reduction Labioplasty laser from labia minora that is the reconstruction of the structure vulva that was broken because of giving birth, the trauma, the age, and the other disturbance.

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The Perineoplasty laser that is to return the structure vulva and the hole had intercourse aesthetically.
The Hymenoplasty laser that is to improve the membrane dara.atau returned virgin sucked aesthetic fat to reduce mons pubis and labia majora . The Vaginal Rejuvenation laser could be done along with the operation of Designer Laser Vaginoplasty.
Moreover the Vaginal Rejuvenation Laser and/or Designer Laser Vaginoplasty could be combined with the other procedure of the cosmetic operation. The patient who used the Rejuvenation service of the vagina or the Laser vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) 90 % most of the out of town jogjakarta especially the city like Jakarta, Medan, Surabaya, Bali and the other city that the level of his free sex was high.
As for the motivation from the patients did LVR various sorts, In Order To give satisfaction that more in the matter of sexual relations to the husband so as the husband was not dishonest or polygamy, there was also the adolescent who wanted to marry but already not the girl with the laser vaginal could come back the girl again so as his prospective spouse could receive, there was also the daughter's adolescent who wanted to go to work that required must still the example girl entered the generation. The exterior was cleaned with cotton and scrub, while the depth part was cleaned by using vapour and hundred to make him be always fragrant. The maintenance of the intimate part that for the East community could be considered taboo that, at this time has become the alias habit habit. The women increasingly understood the importance of maintaining the cleanliness of the intimate organ, no longer felt embarrassed or the taboo. The cleaning that was carried out was the cleaning of the V area the exterior, that is only in labia or the vagina lip and not arrive at the vagina hole and the uterus.
For that has married, the product herbal this was used an hour before was connected. In this Hospital the service spa the vagina or V-spa was carried out in Beauty Centre. The maintenance spa the vagina or V spa was begun by carrying out the cleaning around the area of V. beside that, massage also was carried out on the hip, the bottom, and the thigh, afterwards it was continued with scrub on the groin as far as the rear. This process was continued with hundred to eliminate the remnants of mucus on the vagina, tightened the vagina muscle, cleaned dirty blood of menstruation, and made the vagina famous by using the vapour media. The maintenance of this V area took place for two hours at a cost of as big as approximately Rp200.000. Therapy of V-Spa this safe was carried out because of not putting some sort implements into the sex organ. The technique that was used by only evaporation techniques and fumigation by being come between acupressure massage. This therapy not only for the woman with the certain age. The adolescent might then carry out this therapy. Really was recommended was carried out by the woman who will marry and pasca pregnant so that ototo-tot him again was strong. However, for that was pregnant, menstruation, or that had sexually transmitted diseases it was suggested did not carry out this therapy. Laser information vaginal rejuvenation (LVR) or Spa the vagina/V-Spa indeed in really in needed the groups of the woman who craved happy family life, romantic, and harmonious. When you were curious please tried this service. If you interest about this information you contact us.



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