10 Spot Women Erotic


This is the 10 point erotic women. Many of the desperate desire to make partner, which is always decreasing. In fact I make a tendency, especially for women, not too difficult. You only need to know where their erotic point. This erotic spot on the 10 women who expressed expert David Strovny sex.

1. Hair
Appearance of hair is one of the important women. They fought hard for the order hair the best. If you praise and intimate kiss with the hair, the woman will feel valued . Mood to making love.

2. Neck
Neck including the sensitive point for women. Touching his neck and kiss with the smooth. Do not be surprised if he is then interesting to your bed!

3. Back
Back is probably the area most of life when you make. In fact, women also have pungung dots sensitive. Try to touch the back with your fingers, and provide intimate kiss.

4. Rear knee area
The back of the knee that is one point erotic for women. because the location is not light, you can 'seduce' pair in the point at a crowded place. Wow!

5. The Hand
Fine touch in the hands of women will make them feel comfortable and owned. He was ready to become your own.

6. Ear leaf
There is no doubt, touch and smell the conch akan pair turn on you. So do not forget to touch the part at foreplay.

7. Feet
Touch in the feet can also make a woman feel comfortable. Finger and touch the feet. Smooth at the foot massage they will also make it comfortable.

8. In the thigh
In the thigh is the dots next erotic. Touch the part with the fine, and note your reaction.

9. Pinggul
Pinggul bones, of course, be the next target. You make this point more closely with the intimate parts of women.

is the last point. If your partner is' hot ', please' shake 'your night!



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