Golden Facial and Facial Oxygen with Nanotechnology



Golden facial treatment is to optimize the elasticity of the skin on the external and internal energy using the compound which is in 24 carat gold powder. In addition to gold dust, in the gel are also collagen facial, leaves pegagan (centella asiatica), and extra camomile. Golden Facial work and repair damaged cells to activate the cells so that the parent fiber skin look more taut and durable muda.KERUTAN on the face can be overcome with a facial gold facial golden alias. This treatment will restore the elasticity your skin looks so ageless. Gold in a golden aura capable of facial and skin regeneration where the top skin of the face . After treatment, the skin feels cool and cold. Not only felt at the surface of the skin, but also from the skin so that the problems in the black bag can be overcame.
However, this treatment is not recommended for oily skin and owners tend to be oily. Red blotch after treatment. Facial gold is also not recommended for the age in which oil and water contents in the skin much. If you want to do this treatment, you should refrain from using other skin beauty products which is used fourteen days before the treatment. Relax goal is to skin.
Facial Oxygen with Nanotechnology
Oxygen needed for the body of one regeneration skin of the face. Regeneration of normal facial skin to make more fresh, bright, and ageless.
This benefit is believed by experts right up to the beauty of oxygen to be the choice for beauty treatment. Facial form of oxygen. With oxygen facial, all the dull and dry skin can be overcame, so bright as born again . Senyawa O2 (oxygen) is provided in the surface skin of the face is perfect applicant on dull skin condition often associated with the result of chemical substances, such as pollution and make up . Equipment such as high oxygen is able to bring nano mineral water, serum, and oxygen to the skin in the face with a more optimal



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