Ovaries cancer risk attack Woman Obesity ?


Women must maintain the weight because they who had the excessive weight had the risk was attacked by ovaries cancer (the ovaries) higher compared with the woman who did not experience obesity (obesity). Ovaries cancer was the cause of the most death from all the kinds of gynecology cancer. This cancer kind was difficult to be treated earlier because in the early stage usually emerged almost without the sign. Nevertheless had several signs that must be suspected as ovaries cancer. In the beginning stage, the sign that emerged take the form of menstruation. But was different from cervix cancer that could be detected with the pop method smear, then did not yet have the method of detecting ovaries cancer.
That not yet clear why obesity had the contribution towards ovaries cancer, but possibly that was linked with the effect of body fat that was abundant against the level of oestrogen in the body of a woman, Leitzmann words and his partners. Obesity was influential in body endurance. They who experienced obesity, his cancer cell could emerge again after carrying out medical treatment and being risky in the death. To know ovaries cancer, The American Cancer Society announced results consensus the cancer experts about the sign of ovaries cancer. This sign including swellings on the body, the feeling was sick in the stomach part, lose appetite, often urinated and pain during making love.



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