Vagina treatment - modern and traditional vagina treatment


Vagina-treatment - modern-and-traditional-vagina-treatment
Many ways to treat vagina, modern vagina treatment like laser vagina rejuvenation (LVR) and traditional vagina treatment like SPA vagina (V-Spa). In this article will talk about simple vagina treatment. The method of treatment vagina area was to wash vagina with clean water. One matter that must be paid attention to in washing the area of our femininity, especially after defecating that is by washing vagina from the side of front behind (from the vagina to the side of the anus), not was the reverse. Why was like this? Because if we were overturn the direction washed him, then germs will from the area of the anus be carried in the future and could enter the vagina. If we cleaned the vagina with soap and the like, better only part of just outside. For example for the woman that already making love with her husband, after having the husband and wife making love , we might use the vagina cleaner, that is to return the acidity of the vagina, because the characteristics of male sperm were the alkali.



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